SIGNED, 1914, Galatia Kazantzaki, I Arrosti Politeia, First Edition, Alexandria, Marika Kotopouli, Ion Dragoumis


I Arrosti Politia is a novel about Spinalonga, the island of lepers, first published in 1914 by Galatia Kazantzakis, under the pseudonym Petroula Psiloriti. Galatia Kazantzakis was the first in Greek literature of the 20th century to highlight the issue of leprosy, through a love story.


Πετρούλα Ψειλορείτη (Γαλ΄άτεια Καζαντζάκη)

Η Άρρωστη Πολιτεία – I Arrosti Politia

Petroula Psiloriti (Galatia Kazantzaki)

The Sick State


Published by Kasimati in Alexandria, Egypt in 1914

Signed and Inscribed to Ion Dragoumis

Ex Libris Theatre Marika Kotopouli 

First Edition

Original Paper Binding

Pages 46 +2

24cm x 16cm (approx. 9,5inch. x 6,5inch.)


Galatia Kazantzakis (pen name Petroula Psiloriti, 1881 – 1962) was a Greek poet and writer. She was the daughter of the publisher Stylianos Alexiou. In 1911 she married the writer Nikos Kazantzakis and settled in Athens. In 1926 she divorced N. Kazantzakis and in 1933 she married the poet and critic Markos Augeris. She was committed to her communist ideals and connected her literature to various aspects of Greek life at the time.


Marika Kotopouli was a well known Greek stage actress during the first half of the 20th century. From 1908 on, she had her own troupe, and theatre, the Kotopouli Theatre. In this period she developed an intense artistic rivalry with another young actress, Kiveli. The two had very devoted fans and their rivalry acquired political overtones also: whilst Kiveli was favoured by the Venizelists, Kotopouli became a symbol of the royalist camp. In 1912 Kotopouli also had a personal love relationship with Ion Dragoumis (1878-1920, was a Greek diplomat, philosopher, writer and revolutionary). who became a major opponent of the Venizelists and was eventually assassinated.


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