Rare! 1921, Greece, Greek Workers Union Movement, G. A. Georgiadis, The Class Struggle


G. A. Georgiadis wrote,in his book The class struggle in Greece:

The organization of its workers came to Greece mainly after 1914 through the

passing of Law 281. Before 1914, the existing unions were an instrument

of professional dominance in the hands of the employers, who occupied the

administration, and from another political promotion in the hands of ambitious


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Κομμουνιστικαί Μελέται

Γ. Α. Γεωργιάδη

Η Πάλη των Τάξεων εν Ελλάδι – I Pali ton Taxeon en Elladi


Communist Studies

G. A. Georgiadis

The Class Struggle in Greece


Published by Socialist bookstore publication in Athens in 1921

Booklet with original Paper Wraps

First Edition

Pages 88 + 2

16cm x 12cm (approx. 6,4inch. x 4,75inch.)



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