SIGNED, Vassilis Vassilikos, To Fyllo, 1961, First Edition, Roy Moyer


Roy Moyer (1921-2007): Groomed from childhood for a life as a concert pianist, Moyer is essentially self-taught as a visual artist. He received his academic degrees from Columbia University and, following military service during WW II, studied at the University of Oslo. From 1947 until 1950 Moyer lived in Salonica, Greece, where his first exhibition was held. A thematic traditionalist, Moyer paints still lives, landscapes, and figures with a reductive sense of form, and emphasizes the rhythmic contours rather than details of his subjects.

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Βασίλης Βασιλικός, Το Φύλλο

Vassilis Vassilikos, To Fyllo – The Leaf


Private edition, published by Vasslis Vassilikos in Athens in 1961

Soft Binding with dust jacket by artist Roy Moyer

8vo, 112 Pages

Inscribed by Vassilis Vassilikos on the front flyleaf

This First Edition precedes all other edition


Vassilis Vassilikos (Βασίλης Βασιλικός, 1933 – 2023) was an acclaimed Greek writer and diplomat. He stands among the top ten most translated Greek authors.


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