About Us

Dear Syllektis*,


By having surpassed the simple joy of ownership you have allowed your passion for your chosen art form to be your guide and decided to form your own legacy away from main stream  must haves and don’ts

We congratulate you and welcome you to our website where you will find carefully selected, high quality and authentic items. 

Being collectors ourselves we share your passion. We are an antiquarian book firm that specialises in fine first editions, signed autographs, landmark books in all fields, paintings and much more.  Whether you already are a seasoned collector or want to become one, our expertise and attentive customer service will guide you on your remarkable journey to expand your collection. 

Preserve culture by acquiring these unique pieces for your personal collection (and most importantly) have fun!


                                                                                                                              Your OSyllektis-Team

*O Syllektis (/si’ le.ktis/):  the collector in Greek