1819, Konstantinos M. Koumas, Synopsis Palaias Geografias, First Edition, Smyrna, Printed in Vienna, Johann Schnierer


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The Philological Gymnasium (High School) of Smyrna was a Greek educational institution in Smyrna during the period of the Neo-Hellenic Enlightenment in which great teachers of the Nation taught and stirred the waters in the education of young people for over a decade in the cosmopolitan city. The Director of the School was Konstantinos Koumas. It was founded in 1803 and in 1809 it was renamed Philological High School. It operated until June 16, 1819.  In addition to the traditional subjects (history, religion, language) more modern ones such as mathematics, philosophy, experimental physics, geography and ethics were taught, while physical and chemical experiments were organized equipping the faculty with the respective instruments. Rationality and experiment were introduced, displacing the clerical tradition of teaching based on memorization and obedience. Koumas gained a great reputation as a worthy organizer of schools




Σύνοψις της Παλαιάς Γεωγραφίας

Mεταφρασθείσα μεν εκ του Γερμανικού

εις χρήσιν του Φιλολογικού τής Σμύρνης Γυμνασίου

υπό Κ. Μ. Κούμα

Εκδοθείσα δε διά φιλοτίμου δαπάνης Π. Nικολαΐδου Σμυρναίου

Εν Βιέννη της Αυστρίας εκ της τυπογραφίας Ιωάννου Σνειρέρου


Synopsis of Old Geography

Translated from the German

for the use at the Philological Gymnasium of Smyrna

by K. M. Koumas

Issued at the charitable expense of P. N.  Smyrnaios


Printed  in Vienna, Austria by the Printing House of Johann Schnierer in 1819

First Edition

Pages ζ + 192



Konstantinos M. Koumas (Greek: Κωνσταντίνος Κούμας; 1777 – 1836) was a Greek Teacher of the Nation,  a pioneer of  Modern Greek Enlightenment, a historian, philosopher and translator of literary works.


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