1850, STORIA DELL’ ASSEDIO DI VENEZIA 1848 – 1849, SIEGE OF VENICE, Republic of San Marco


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Storia dell’assedio di Venezia 1848 – 1849

Volume Unico


History of the siege of Venice 1848 – 1849


Published by Tip. Fontana., Venice., 1850

History of the sovereignty of the people and the crimes committed in their name

Contemporary Half Leather Binding

Pages 168

15,5cm x 10cm

Language Italian

First Edition


The Republic of San Marco (Italian: Repubblica di San Marco) or the Venetian Republic (Venetian: Repùblega Vèneta) was an Italian revolutionary state which existed for 17 months in 1848–1849. Based on the Venetian Lagoon, it extended into most of Venetia, or the Terraferma territory of the Republic of Venice, suppressed 51 years earlier in the French Revolutionary Wars. After declaring independence from the Habsburg Austrian Empire, the republic later joined the Kingdom of Sardinia in an attempt, led by the latter, to unite northern Italy against foreign (mainly Austrian but also French) domination. But the First Italian War of Independence ended in the defeat of Sardinia, and Austrian forces reconquered the Republic of San Marco on 28 August 1849 following a long siege.

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