1854, Leon Rzyszczewski, Schreiben an den Kaiser der Franzosen, Eastern Question, First Edition


Very Rare First Edition!



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Leon Rzyszczewski

Schreiben an den Kaiser der Franzosen 

In Betreff

Der Orientalischen Frage

Aus dem Französischen


Letter to the Emperor of the French

Concerning the Eastern Question


Leipzig, Gustav Remmelmann, 1854

22 Pages, 8vo, Original without any binding.

Language German


In diplomatic history, the Eastern Question was the issue of the political and economic instability in the Ottoman Empire from the late 18th to early 20th centuries and the subsequent strategic competition and political considerations of the European great powers in light of this. Characterized as the sick man of Europe, the relative weakening of the empire’s military strength in the second half of the eighteenth century threatened to undermine the fragile balance of power system largely shaped by the Concert of Europe. The Eastern question encompassed myriad interrelated elements: Ottoman military defeats, Ottoman institutional insolvency, the ongoing Ottoman political and economic modernization program, the rise of ethno-religious nationalism in its provinces, and Great Power rivalries.



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