1912, Turkish Prisoners at Karaburnu, Balkan Wars, Liberation of Thessaloniki, Greece, Turkey


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Turkish Prisoners at Karaburnu

Τούρκοι αιχμάλωτοι εις Καραμπουρνού

Prisoniers Turcs a Karabournou


Original Vintage Photo Postcard

Dated 1912


Black and White

8.7 cm x 14 cm


The Balkan Wars were a series of two conflicts that took place in the Balkan states in 1912 and 1913. In the First Balkan War, the four Balkan states of Greece, Serbia, Montenegro and Bulgaria declared war upon the Ottoman Empire and defeated it, in the process stripping the Ottomans of their European provinces, leaving only Eastern Thrace under the Ottoman Empire’s control. In the Second Balkan War, Bulgaria fought against the other four original combatants of the first war. It also faced an attack from Romania from the north. The Ottoman Empire lost the bulk of its territory in Europe. Although not involved as a combatant, Austria-Hungary became relatively weaker as a much enlarged Serbia pushed for union of the South Slavic peoples. The war set the stage for the July crisis of 1914 and thus served as a prelude to the First World War

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