1919, Konstantinos Kallinikos, Christianismos ke Polemos, Christianity and War, First Edition


Konstantinos N. Kallinikos (1870-1940) was an archpriest in Manchester and obtained the title of Great Steward. As an excellent student of the Holy Theological School of Halki he also was an author of Christian books, leaving a remarkable writing and pastoral work. Leading theologians in their book reviews wrote about his work thus expressing their deep appreciation and acceptance.

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Χριστιανισμός και Πόλεμος – Christianismos  ke Polemos

Υπό Κωνσταντίνου Ν. Καλλίνικου


Konstantinos Kallinikos

Christianity and War


Printed in Norbury, Natzio, & Co Ltd. in Manchester UK 1919

Pages 110 + 2

Original Paper Binding

First Edition & First Printing

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