1922, Cyprus, Nicosia, O Plousios kai o Phtochos, Emile Souvestre


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M. E. Souvestre 

Ο Πλούσιος και ο Φτωχός

Κατά μετ΄άφρασιν Κ. Ι. Λοβαρίδου


M. E. Souvestre

Rich and PoorRiche et Pauvre

translated by K. I. Lobavaridis

Publisher G. C. Ypsilantis

Printed in Nicosia, Cyprus by Printing House Mouses, in 1922

Full fine hard Binding

Pages 288



Émile Souvestre (1806 – 1854) was a Breton novelist who was a native of Morlaix, Brittany. He wrote the well known dystopian sci-fi novel, Le Monde Tel Qu’il Sera which features some remarkable predictions. Souvestre was also a researcher and writer of Breton folklore. He was posthumously awarded the Prix Lambert.



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