1926, Jakob Wassermann, Der Aufruhr um den Junker Ernst, First Edition, Rolf von Hoerschelmann


Jakob Wassermann (10 March 1873 – 1 January 1934) was a German writer and novelist

Der Aufruhr um den Junker Ernst  was written in the fall of 1925 and winter of 1925/26, the novella was published in the spring of 1926 by S. Fischer Verlag in Berlin.

Junker Ernst gained numerous followers as a storyteller in Würzburg and the surrounding area during the Thirty Years’ War. They free him from the clutches of the Inquisition.

Rolf Erik von Hoerschelmann (1885 – 1947) was a Baltic German illustrator, collector, writer and bohemian.

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Jakob Wassermann

Der Aufruhr um den Junker Ernst

The Uproar surrounding the Young Noble Ernst


First Edition

Published by S. Fischer Verlag Berlin in 1926

Cover Design and Cover Illustration by Rolf von Hoerschelmann

Ex Library Copy

165 Pages, 8vo

Original Hard Binding

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