1937, La Cure de Soleil, Prof. A. Rollier, Leysin, Switzerland, Catalog & Price List, Heliotherapy


Auguste Rollier (1874 – 1954) was a Swiss physician best known for his research on heliotherapy. In 1903, Rollier opened his Institute of Heliotherapy in Leysin. He advocated fresh air, physical exercise, rest and sunshine to treat his patients. He became known for his treatment of skeletal tuberculosis by heliotherapy (light therapy). Rollier combined sunbathing with climatic treatment by cold air and high altitude. After World War I, it was reported that 1746 of 2167 patients had recovered their health under his care.  R. A. Hobday noted that Rollier practiced sunlight therapy at Leysin for over forty years and had thirty-six clinics with a total of more than 1,000 beds. After antimicrobial therapy became available, heliotherapy for tuberculosis was no longer practiced.  Rollier was elected an honorary member of the American Clinical and Climatological Association in 1923.

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La Cure de Soleil

Dans les Cliniques du Professeur  A. Rollier

A Leysin, Suisse Alpes Vaudoises


The Sun Cure

In the Clinics of Professor A. Rollier

In Leysin, Switzerland Vaudois Alps


Catalogue and Price List

18 Pages + Covers + Multi-folded Map

16cm x 13,5cm (approx. 6.4inch. x 5,5inch.)

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