1939, Decoration of the Home, Herman Schrijver, First Edition, Photo book


Born in Holland into a family of Jewish diamond merchants, Schrijver worked in the soft furnishings department of Peter Jones in Sloane Square and then an antique shop in Brook Street before launching his influential career as a decorator with Elden’s Limited, designing for such exalted clients as Wallis Simpson and the Prince of Wales at Fort Belvedere. His taste – austere with touches of opulence – is documented in his 1939 compendium Decoration for the Home. Alongside Wells Coates’ and Marion Dorn’s designs for Embassy Court in Brighton are illustrations of Schrijver’s mixing of modern and traditional styles in the likes of silver-gilt Queen Anne chairs upholstered in zebra skin.

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Decoration of the Home,

with an Introduction by Herman Schrijver


First Edition

Published by F. Lewis (Publishers) Limited, London in 1939

Pages 95 + 1

Original Linen Binding

26cm x 20cm (approx. 10.3inch. x 8inch.)


Herman Schrijver (1904-1972)
All draperies must be heavily fringed and trimmed”

One of the curious features of the early history of the BBC is that advice on domestic matters for housewives was almost entirely dispensed by queens. Among those employed to prove away on the airwaves were the chef Marcel Boulestin, the knitting expert James Norbury and the interior decorator Herman Schrijver, a firm guide to the perils of skimpy pelmets and the ruinous effects of hefty furniture and covered radiators.

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