1963, SIGNED! Yiannis Dermitzakis, Cretan Mandinada, Kritikes Mantinades, First Edition


The mantinada or patinada or kotsaki is a poem consisting of two verses that are usually fifteen syllables in rhyme or four half-verses that do not necessarily rhyme. It is a means of spontaneous folk expression in several parts of Greece, but mainly as a category of island Greek song in Crete, which is famous for its mantinades.

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Γιάννης Δερμιτζάκης

Κρητικές Μαντινάδες – Kritikes Mandinades


Yiannis Dermitzakis

Cretan Mandinada


SIgned and Inscribed by the Author on the title page!

First Edition

Self Published in Siteia, Crete in 1968 by the Author

Original Paper Binding

Pages 358



In particular, the Cretan Mantinada stands out for its peculiar expression, the middle of the phrase and reflects the feelings, thinking and life of the Cretan people. It draws its subject matter from a variety of fields and accordingly they can be distinguished into satirical, erotic, opportunistic and philosophical satires.

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