1966, Mickey Mouse on the moon, Hungary, Miki Eger a Holdon, Ifjusagi Könyvkiado


Rare Mickey Mouse Book during the Cold War Era!

Ifjusagi Könyvkiado (Youth Book Publisher) is a publishing company established in the fall of 1948 within the framework of the Romanian State Book Publishing network. In the first years it operated under the direct control of the Central Committee. Most of the works from world literature, especially works of classic and contemporary Russian and Soviet literature, were published in the first phase. while the rest of world literature is represented much more modestly. Between 1948 and 1959 no more than four translations of western literature can be found. Translations of Rudyard Kipling, Walt Disney, and Paul Féval appear only after 1963.


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Miki Eger a Holdon

Mickey Mouse on the moon

in Hungarian

Published by Ifjusagi Könyvkiado, Bukarest in 1966

21,5 cm x 16,5 cm (8,5 inch. x 6,5 inch.)

Original Paper Binding

28 Pages