1970s, Peter Barlow, Signed, Yachting, Black & White Photographs, Low Angle


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Set of two Peter Barlow yachting photographs 


Presented in vintage wood and metal frames

Both signed lower right


Sight: 23,5cm x 18,5cm

Frame: 34cm x 27cm

Condition: slight acid burnt around edge of mat, overall very good condition


Marine photographer Peter Barlow didn’t grow up in boating. He didn’t start as a marine artist either. He was actually a painter. Barlow was walking along a beach one day when distant sailboats caught his attention. At that time, he thought he’d do a series of paintings with sail shapes. This fortunate happenstance and Barlow’s growing interest in boats eventually led him into a marine photography career.

“I wasn’t exactly thinking about sailing pictures like you see in magazines,” he said. “After a while, I wanted more details to work with [for my paintings].”

He explored how to improve his boating photography, going out with his cousin to practice shooting from a photo boat, acquiring his own later.“These were the days before [I used] a 35mm camera. You couldn’t take multiple pictures like you can now,” Barlow explained. “I can go across the bow and take 25 pictures in seconds now, but back then it was one frame, maybe two if you were lucky.”