1980, Elias Petropoulos, The Brothel, To Bourdelo, First Edition, Alekos Fassianos


Elias Petropoulos (Greek: Ηλίας Πετρόπουλος, 1928 –  2003) was a Greek author, folklorist and urban historian. A self-described “urban anthropologist,” he wrote on aspects of Greek life that were rarely considered objects of serious study, including the subcultures, slangs, and music of homosexuals, drug users, and criminals. Some of his books were regarded as immoral during the rule of the Greek military junta of 1967–74, resulting in fines and jail terms and ultimately in his decision to leave Greece to live permanently in France.

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Ηλίας Πετρόπουλος

Το Μπουρδέλο – To Bourdelo


Elias Petropoulos

The Brothel


Published by Grammata in Athens in 1980

First Edition

Drawings by Greek Artist Alekos Fassianos

Pages 156

Original Soft Binding

21cm x 14cm

Ex Libris from Greek Writer Dimitrios S. Soutsos

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