1980, Fine Porcelain Plate, Captain’s house in Galaxidi, Greek artist Spyros Vassilliou


Spyros Vassiliou (Greek: Σπύρος Βασιλείου; 1903 – 1985) was a Greek painter, printmaker, illustrator, and stage designer. He became widely recognized for his work starting in the 1930s, when he received the Benaki Prize from the Athens Academy. The recipient of a Guggenheim Prize for Greece (in 1960), Spyros Vassiliou’s works have been exhibited in galleries throughout Europe, in the United States, and Canada.

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Captain’s house in Galaxidi

by the Greek artist Spyros Vassilliou

Original Ionia Greece Porcelain from 1980

Diameter 27cm


Καπετανόσπιτο Γαλαξειδίου

του Ελλήνα καλλιτέχνη Σπύρο Βασιλείου

Γνήσια Πορσελάνη Ιωνία, 1980


Galaxidi (Greek Γαλαξίδι, until 1940 Γαλαξείδιον) is a small town and, since 2011, a district of the municipality of Delfi in central Greece. The town is located in a bay of the Gulf of Corinth southwest of the Oracle of Delphi, south of Amfissa and southwest of Itea. Galaxidi achieved importance and prosperity in the 18th and 19th centuries. During that time, Galaxidi was home to one of the most powerful merchant fleets in the Mediterranean. The witnesses of this heyday, the typical captain’s houses, have been preserved to this day and are often maintained and cared for by direct descendants.

Τhe pictured Galaxidi house of the notary Dimitrios N. Nikas, building of 1860 belongs today to the Nikolaos family.


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