1990’s Vintage, The Ring Gymnast II, Handmade Solid 925 Sterling Silver Miniature Figurine Sculpture on solid bronze base


Handmade in limited Edition of 500 pieces.
Materials: Solid Silver and Solid Bronze
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The Ring Gymnast II is a small scale sculpture, a miniature figurine

made of solid sterling silver and solid bronze base.

The Ring Gymnast is performing his Olympic athletic act

A unique art object suitable for many occasions

such as birthday gifts, anniversary, for gift to an athlete

or just a simple friendship present that your loved ones will cherish.

All the pieces are in Sterling Silver (silver 925) and bronze with a matte finish.

Limited Edition: One out of 500 pieces

Vintage Authentic Item from the 1990’s

Handmade by Alexia Jewellery Athens, Greece


Width: 6 centimetres
Height: 6 centimetres
Depth: 1,45 centimetres
Weight: 62 gr

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