1992, Exhibition Catalog, Giorgos Mavroidis, Greece, Cyprus, First Edition


Giorgos Mavroidis was born in 1912 in Piraeus. His father was descendant of one of the oldest families in Larnaca. He spent his childhood in Cyprus, and he studied law and political science at Athens University. In 1947 he entered the diplomatic corps until 1959, when he was appointed as professor at the Higher School of Fine Arts of Athens. Between 1975 and 1977 acted as a director and later on as a president of the school. He is self-taught. He started painting systematically when Second World War came to an end. During 1950 till 1952 he lived in Paris, which helped him study in depth the problems of contemporary trends. Besides his drawing talent, he developed intensive writing activities, composing novels and poems.

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Γιώργος Μαυροιδης

Giorgos Mavroidis

Exhibition Catalog

Published on the occasion of an exhibition held at Galeri Nees Morfes in Athens in 1992

30 Pages

First Edition

Original Soft Binding


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