2005, SAKURA MAKU, CHEEBCHEEBSHKAA, First Edition, ARTIST COMIC, 1/100 copies


Edition of 100 copies (Here Nr.: 60)

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Artist’s book with 24 black and white drawings
24 pages
Edition of 100 copies (Here Nr.: 60)
Published in 2005 by SAKURA MAKU IN NEW YORK
Original Paper Binding
First Edition
28cm x 22cm (approx. 11inch. x 8,7inch.)
Statement from the Artist:
I pervade my work with language confusions, the way they happen around me. Conflating the languages and forms I readily hear and use, my art speaks to uncertain identities that surround multilingual existences. I examine language barriers, forms of hybridity, and hard-to-define everyday instances, using comics and zines as narrative starting points. By comics and zines, I mean the kind of book forms that are cheaply put together on-the-fly, often uncensored of individual thought meanderings, and associated with languages and images that connect time and space. The comics and zines I’ve published over the last decade portray young female protagonists. Over time, these explorations have led to investigations of speculative comic zine forms, such as comic paintings or a video-kamishibai-mangazine-performance, by which I remain fascinated

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