2006, 1/200 Copies, Evil Twin Publications, Stacy Wakefield, Allyson Vieira


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Untitled Book 
Geometry – Democracy
Let No One Unversed in Geometry 
Enter my Door
Artwork by Allyson Vieira
Design by Stacy Wakefield
Evil Twin Publications 2006
64 pages (in 8 folded out signatures), 7.75 x 7.75”
Cloth bound
Edition of 200 numbered copies
Evil Twin Publications books involve handworks and unique detail, which accounts for why the zines, as well as the books, have been shown in many gallery and museum shows about contemporary artist books and collected by institutions all over the world. The complete catalogue of 30 Evil Twin books are also remarkable for their diversity; from editions of ten to more than ten thousand, each book has found its form, printing techniques and audience from the impetus of its unique content. Evil Twin Publications was created in 1994 by identical twins Stacy Wakefield and Amber Gayle. At the time Stacy was creating limited edition artist’ books as her final design degree work at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Abber was traveling around Europe working as a tour driver and manager for bands. Inspired by the thriving world of American personal zines, they produced the first edition of My Evil Twin Sister series; Greetings from the Endless Highway. (1994) Amber recounted a whirlwind love affair on the road with an unfriendly touring American band. Drawings from Stacy’s sketchbook accompanied the story. Later Evil Twin Publications include Transient Songs (1995), Catholic No. 1: CATS (2005) and many more.

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