2008, MEGABILLIG, Gabriela Jolowicz, Comic, Original Woodcuts, 1/300 copies, First Edition


Gabriela Jolowicz studied at the University of Graphics and Book Arts with Volker Pfüller and Thomas Müller. She reflects her impressions of the present in woodcuts. Historical book art, especially icon painting, serves as a model book from which people can freely quote. Gabriela Jolowicz lives in Berlin

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By Gabriela Jolowicz
Artist’s book with 24 black and white original woodcuts by Gabriela Jolowicz brochure
28 pages, 37x24cm
Edition of 300 copies
Published in 2008 by Carpe Plumbum, Leibzig
Printed from the original printing blocks
Original Soft Binding
First Edition
Condition Like New

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