2019, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Exhibition Catalog, 1/150 copies, Manifesto


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Pour Les Filles Du Calvaire
by Natalie Du Pasquier
Exhibition Catalog for Posters at the Yvon Lambert Bookstore in 2019
16 Pages
Published by Ediprima Srl. in Piacenca in 150 Copies
21cm x 15cm
First Edition
Nathalie Du Pasquier worked as a designer as part of the Memphis Group until 1987, producing patterns, textiles, decorated surfaces, and furniture. Since then, her main focus and passion has been painting. Over the past thirty-five years, Du Pasquier has been intrigued by the relationship between objects and the spaces in which they are installed. This ongoing investigation has manifested in paintings, sculptures, designs, patterns, constructions, carpets, books, and ceramics—constantly acting between the representational and non-representational, the tangible and intangible, reality and imagination, and two- and three-dimensional forms.

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