The Statute Laws of Cyprus 1878 – 1906, Nicosia Government Printing Office, Nomothetimata tis Kiprou


Sir Joseph Turner Hutchinson (1850 – 1924) was an English judge who served as the 19th Chief Justice of Ceylon.
He was appointed Queen’s Advocate for the Gold Coast Colony in 1888 and promoted to Chief Justice the following year. He then served as Chief Justice of the Windward Islands in 1894, then as Chief Justice of Grenada from 1895 to 1897, and as Chief Justice of Cyprus from 1898 to 1906.

Sir Stanley Fisher (1867 – 1949) was a British colonial judge who was the 24th Chief Justice of Ceylon. Fisher was born in Marylebone into the Knapp-Fisher family, a London legal dynasty. He was the son of George Henry Knapp-Fisher and Elizabeth Goodchild. His brother was Sir Edward Knapp-Fisher. He served as Chief Justice of Cyprus from 1920 to 1924 and Chief Justice of Trinidad and Tobago from 1924 to 1926.

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The Statute Laws of Cyprus   1878 – 1906                                                                                                                                           


Τα από 1878 μέχρι 1906

Νομοθετήματα της Κύπρου – Nomothetimata tis Kiprou

Συνηρμοσμένα Σύνωδα ταις Διατάξεσι του περί Ανατυπώσεως

των Νομοθετημάτων Νόμου του 1905

Υπό των

δυνάμει του Ρηθέντος Νόμου Επιτρόπων

Σιρ Ιωσήφ Τούρνερ Χάτσινσον και Στάνλευ Φίσιερ

Ελληνικόν Κείμενον ύπό

Ι. Οικονομίδου και Δ. Γ. Δημητριάδου


ετυπώθη υπό του Ου. Τζ. Αρτσερ Κυβερνητικού Τυπογραφου                                                                                             

εν τω

Κυβερνητικώ Τυπογραφείω Λευκοσίας 1913



The Statute Laws of Cyprus

from 1878 to 1906

Attached Synods to the Provisions of the Reprinting of the Legislations Act of 1905

Under Chief Justices Sir Joseph Turner Hutchinson and Stanley Fisher

Greek Text by

I. Economidis and D. G. Dimitriadis


Printed under Government Printer U. J. Archer                 

at the Government Printing Office of Nicosia 1913


xxviii + 578 Pages

Contemporary Half Leather Binding

25cm x 18cm (approx. 10inch. x7inch.)

1,4KG Weight


The Cyprus Convention of 4 June 1878 was a secret agreement reached between Great Britain and the Ottoman Empire which granted administrative control of Cyprus to Britain, in exchange for its support of the Ottomans during the Congress of Berlin. Provisions in the Convention retained Ottoman rights over the territory of Cyprus. This agreement was the result of secret negotiations that took place earlier in 1878. The Convention was abrogated by the British on 5 November 1914, when Britain and the Ottoman Empire found themselves at war with each other.

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