Original, Metaxas Brandy, Poster 1950s, Litho Rice Paper, Greece, Fine Condition


Meanwhile those rare pieces are used as Poster in various Collections.

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Original 1950s

Metaxa Brandy Advertisement Rice Paper

50cm x 35cm

In the 1940s and 1950s Metaxa Brandy S.A., Athens

used to wrap all special Editions

with this Lithographed Rice Paper


Rarely a piece in such fine condition is found for sale


Metaxa (Greek: Μεταξά) is a line of branded Greek alcoholic drinks, each a flavored amber blend of spirits and Muscat wine, aged in oak barrels, and packaged in amphora-shaped bottles. Several Metaxa products have numbered “star” designations indicating, according to different sources, either the product’s age, the number of base spirits and wines used in making it, or simply the quality level (itself a reflection of the age). Metaxa’s main exported products are 5 Star, 7 Star, 12 Star, and Private Reserve. (Metaxa 3 Star is not exported.)

Created in 1888 and labeled first as a Cognac and then as a brandy until prohibited by naming regulations, Metaxa is exported to tens of countries. The maker remained in private hands until sold in 1989 to Grand Metropolitan, which in turn sold it in 2000 to Rémy Cointreau.

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