1834, 1864, 3 Greek Books in 1, Constantinople, Anatropi, Neophytos Kavsokalivitis, Ponima Chrisoun, Nikiforos Theotokis, Logoi tou Peridoxou Filaretou Mitropolitou Moschas, Metropolitan Philaret of Moscow


Neophytos Kawsokalyvitis (1689-1784) was a Greek monk and ecclesiastical writer, a member of the Kollyvada Fathers but mostly in their original form. He was born in Patras and became a monk in the Skete of Agia Triada, the so-called “Kausokalyvia” on the Holy Mount Athos (hence his name). In 1749 he was director of the Athonia school, later he taught in Chios, Wallachia (Hegemonic Academy of Bucharest) and Transylvania. He wrote many theological and philosophical works.

Nikiforos Theotokis (Greek: Νικηφόρος Θεοτόκης 1731–1800) was a Greek scholar and theologian, who became an archbishop in the southern provinces of the Russian Empire. A polymath, he is respected by the Greek Orthodox church as one of the “teachers of the nation”


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Title of the first book:


της Θρησκείας των Εβραίων Και των Εθίμων αυτών

Μετ’ αποδείξεων εκ της ιεράς Γραφής Παλαιάς τε και Νέας

Μεταφρασθείσα εκ της Μολδαβικής εις την ημετέραν κοινήν διάλεκτον

υπό Ιωάννου Γεωργίου

Μετά προσθήκης και Παραρτήματος των εκλεκτοτέρων παρά του Παύλου Μεδίκων γραφέντων.

Νυν δε δεύτερον εκδοθείσα διά της συνδρομής των φιλοκάλων Ομογενών


tis thriskias ton Evreon ke ton ethimon avton

Met’ apodixeon ek tis ieras Grafis Paleas te ke Neas

Metafrasthisa ek tis Moldavikis is tin imeteran kinin dialekton

ipo Ioannou Georgiou


Printed in: Constantinople by the Patriarchate printing office in 1834

2nd Edition

Pages: 2φ.+δ’+149+1χ.α


Title of the second book included:

Πόνημα Χρυσούν

Σαμουήλ Ραββί του Ιουδαίου

Εξελέγχον την των Ιουδαίων πλάνην

Εκ του λατινικού μεταφρασθέν, υπό του αοιδίμου Νικηφόρου του Θεοτόκη.

Ήδη δε αύθις εκδοθέν διά της φιλοτίμου συνδρομής των Ομογενών

Ponima Chrysoun

Samouil Rabbi tou Ioudeou

Exelechon tin ton Ioudeon Planin 

ek tou latinikou metafrasthen ipo aidimou Nikiforou tou Theotoki


Printed in: Constantinople by the Patriarchate printing office in 1834

2nd Edition

Pages:1φ. + 2 φ.χ.α.+2 + γ’- δ’ + 5- 54 + 6χ.α.

8vo, Contemporary Half Leather Binding


Title of the third book

Λόγοι του Περιδοξου Φιλαρετου Μητροπολίτου Μόσχας

εκ της γαλλικής μεταφράσεως

υπό Ιωάννου Εμ. Χατζηδάκη

Part I

Αθηνησι, Τυποις Π. Λ. Σακελλαρίου

Logoi tou Peridoxou Filaretou Mitropolitou Moschas

ek tis Gallikis Metafraseos

ipo Ioannou Em. Chatzidaki

Printed in Athens, P. L. Sakellariouin 1864

First edition

pages 4+56


Metropolitan Philaret (secular name Vasily Mikhaylovich Drozdov, Василий Михайлович Дроздов;  1782 – 1867) was Metropolitan of Moscow and Kolomna and the most influential figure in the Russian Orthodox Church for more than 40 years, from 1821 to 1867. He was canonized on October 13, 1994 and his feast day is celebrated on November 19.


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