Frans Masereel, 1960, Masereels Erinnerungen an China, Blätter der Deutschen Bücherstube , Nr. 9


Frans Masereel (1889 – 1972) was a Belgian painter and graphic artist who worked mainly in France. He is known especially for his woodcuts which focused on political and social issues, such as war and capitalism. He completed over 40 wordless novels in his career, and among these, his greatest is generally said to be Passionate Journey.


Frans Masereel

Januar 1960

Masereels Erinnerungen an China

Blätter der Deutschen Bücherstube, Nr. 9


Frans Masereel

January 1960

Masereel’s memories of China

Leaflets of the German Bookstube: No. 9


Berlin, Verlag der Nation, 1960

4°,  35cm x 25cm (approx. 13,75inch. x 10inch.)

8 sheets with 3 full-page illustrations based on woodcuts by Frans Masereel

printed on handmade paper from Wolfswinkel

loose in the original paperback cover with cover image.



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