Giorgos Seferis, Nobel Laureate, 1936, T. S. Eliot, The Waste Land, Marina, The difficulty of a Stateman


120 Copies! Extremely Rare!

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Θ. Σ. Ελιοτ

Η έρημη χώρα – Erimi Chora

Μαρίνα  – Marina

Δυσκολίες Πολιτευόμενου – Dyskolies Politevomenou

Τρία Χορικά – Tria Chorika

Εισαγωγή, σχόλια, μετάφραση Γιώργου Σεφέρη



T. S. Eliot

Τhe Waste Land


The difficulty of a Stateman 

Three Choruses (from Murder in the Cathedral)

Introduction, comments, translation by Giorgos Seferis


Printed in 1936 in Athens by Printing House Sergiadis in 120 Copies. Here Copy: 62

Pages 98, Large 8vo

Original paper binding with some signs of age and use.

Extremely Rare!!



Giorgos or George Seferis (Γιώργος Σεφέρης, the pen name of Georgios Seferiadis (Γεώργιος Σεφεριάδης; 1900 – September 20, 1971), was a Greek poet and diplomat. He was one of the most important Greek poets of the 20th century, and a Nobel  laureate.

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