Konstantinos Theotokis, I Timi kai to Chrima, Corfu 1914, Illustrations Markos Zavitzianos, 1/510 Copies


One out of 510 Copies

Illustration by Greek painter from Corfu Markos Zavitzianos

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Κωνσταντίνος Θεοτόκης

Η τιμή και το Χρήμα – I Timi kai to Chrima 


Konstantinos Theotokis

Honor and Money

Corfu,  Aspioti 1914

With six illustrations engraved outside the text by Markos Zavitzianos

Contemporary Half Leather Binding

One out of 510 Copies

Pages 99



Stefanos-Konstantinos Theotokis (1872 – 1923) was a Greek writer and translator, an important representative of the Heptanese School. He wrote both, prose and poetry, while translating works by William Shakespeare, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and others. His best-known works are the novels I timi kai to Chrima (Ηonor and Money), Katadikos (Convict) and I Sklavi sta Desma tous (The Slaves in their Bonds).


Markos Zavitsianos or Zavitzianos (1884 -1923) was a Greek printmaker, painter, and early socialist.


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