Rare! 1894, Ottoman, K. E. Cacoulis, Trabzon, Greek Kakoulidis Family, Original CDV Photo


The Kakulides Family was a large commercial and naval family of Kerassunda, Pontus, originating from the Khakuli region (Turkish: “Haho/Bağbaşi”) of Tao-Klarjeti, site of one of the most important Orthodox monasteries of the East (Khakuli Monastery) . After the mass conversions to Islam in the region in the second half of the 17th century, many Orthodox Christians of Iberia fled to the neighboring region of Chaldia, where the surname is found as early as the beginning of the 18th century. From Chaldia various branches of the family gradually moved to Kerasunda, Trebizond, Kotyora and Tripoli.

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CDV Photo of Kakoulidis Family

Photographer: K. E. Cacoulis

Trabzon Türkiye (Ottoman Empire)

Dated. 1894

16,3cm x 10,5cm

Very Rare!

The back side has handwritten wishes and is hand signed by Mr. Kakoulidis!


K.E.Cacoulis (Greek) – Trebizonde (Trabzon) Photographie Mer Noir back in Greek “Trapezunt”

The first photo studio in Trabzon was opened in Semercibaşi street by a foreigner named Armakof, who allegedly was of Russian origin. It is stated by a local historian that the studio was in use in 1868. Later, members of the Christian community living in Trabzon, the Cacouli Brothers and Hatchik Tcholakian opened their studios. The exact date  of the studios’ opening is unknown. However, it’s clear from the dates on the back of the photographs that they were in use between the 1880s and 1920s. The Cacoulis Brothers, were officially commisioned in 1890 to prepare “The Album of Abdulhamit” consisting the photographs of then most important cities. The file, the Cacoulis Brothers had prepared, included 57 photographs of the most important buildings, streets and squares in the city. In Trabzon, there was no non-Muslim photographer left after the declaration of the Republic. As from the early 1920s, photographers of military origin, either retired or discharged from army, opened their photo studios one after another.

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