Rare! 1951, Niki Stavropoulou Konstantinea, Vasanismeni Gis, Woodcuts by Vaso Katraki, First Edition


Niki Stavropoulou exhibits in her work love and sensitivity for ordinary people. Her writing style is very personal and written in plain Greek Demotic using also a multitude of folklore elements. Her heroes are real  and her texts include rough images, which shock.  She worked with various magazines and newspapers and  participated in women’s and cultural associations.

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Νίκη Σταυροπούλου

Βασανισμένη Γης


Niki Stavropoulou

Tortured Land


Woodcuts by Greek Artist Vaso Katraki

Original Paper Binding

Pages 72

18cm x 13cm (approx. 7,25inch. x 5,25inch.)

First Edition


Niki Konstantinea, patronymic Stavropoulou, was born in 1919 in Panigiristra, Laconia. She appeared  in the public in 1947, with the short stories I Genisi tou Anthropou-The Birth of Man and I Pethameni diigountai tin Istoria tous-The Dead Tell their Story, which were published in the literary magazine Elefthera Grammata, edited by Dimitris Fotiadis.

Vaso Katraki (1914 – 1988) was a Greek painter and engraver. She was known for her passionate depictions of the sufferings of the Greek people during and after World War II. In 1967 she was exiled to a barren island by the military junta on the day that it took power. She started with wood engraving, then developed an original and very unusual technique of sandstone engraving.



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