RARE, First Edition 1996, MANGA, JAPAN, OH! MY GODDESS, VOL 5, Kosuke Fujishima


Kōsuke Fujishima (藤島 康介, Fujishima Kōsuke, born in 1964) is a Japanese manga artist and character designer. He has created several manga series, the best known of which are You’re Under Arrest! and Oh My Goddess!. Fujishima is known for his love of automobiles and motorcycles, which is reflected in many of his series.

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AH! My Goddess  (OH! MY GODDESS)
Vol 5
Story and Art Kosuke Fujishima
First Rare Edition
Published in Japan in March 1996 by Masaru Yamano
Kodansha Co Ltd.
Cover Illustration: Hidenori Matsubara
Ink and Paint: Keiko Adachi
191 pages
1,5cm x 12,5cm
Oh My Goddess! (Japanese: ああっ女神さまっ), or Ah! My Goddess! in some releases, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kōsuke Fujishima. It was serialized in Kodansha’s seinen manga magazine Monthly Afternoon from September 1988 to April 2014, with its chapters collected in 48 tankōbon volumes. The series follows college sophomore Keiichi Morisato and the goddess Belldandy who moves in with him in a Buddhist temple? after Belldandy’s sisters Urd and Skuld move in with them, they encounter gods, demons and other supernatural entities as Keiichi develops his relationship with Belldandy. The manga series has been licensed for English-language release by Dark Horse Comics.

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