RARE! WW2, 1943, Program, Athens State Orchestra, Richard Wagner, Tannhäuser, Ludwig van Beethoven, Giuseppe Mulè, Largo


Athens State Orchestra is the oldest orchestral music ensemble in Greece. It has its roots in the orchestra of the Athens Conservatory. It was established in 1943 with Law D 2010/1942 under the ministry of Konstantinos Logothetopoulos and since then it has gone through various stages as far as its name and its mode of operation are concerned.

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Athens State Orchestra, Greece

Original Program

Wednesday, November 14, 1939


Conductor: Alberto Paoletti

G. Mulè – Largo

L. van Beethoven – 1st Symphony

R. Wagner – Tannhäuser


Published by Pyrsos A.E. in Athens

Pages 8

Original Paper Wraps

24cm x 17cm (approx. 9,7inch. x 6,8inch.)



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