Signed! 1926, Officer Pavlos Melas, Illustrations Photios Kontoglou, Macedonian Struggle


Pavlos Melas (Greek: Παύλος Μελάς, 1870 – 1904) was a Greek revolutionary and artillery officer of the Hellenic Army. He participated in the Greco-Turkish War of 1897 and was amongst the first Greek officers to join the Macedonian Struggle.


Παύλος Μελάς



Εκδοτικά Καταστήματα Νεα Ζωή, Αλεξάνδρεια 1926


Pavlos Melas



Published by Nea Zoi in Alexandria, Egypt in 1926

Illustrations by Greek Artist Photios Kontoglou

Hand Signed and dedicated by Natalia Mela (Dragoumi), wife of Pavlos Melas

First Rare Edition

Fine Half Leather Binding (Original Covers are preserved)

Pages 8 + 459 + Illustrations

22cm x 15 cm

Photis Kontoglou (Greek: Φώτης Κόντογλου, the pen name of Φώτης Αποστολέλης – Photis Apostolelis (1895 – 1965) was a Greek writer, painter and icon painter.

Natalia Dragoumi (1872-1973) was a member of the Dragoumi family, daughter of Stefanos Dragoumis, sister of Ionas Dragoumis and wife of Macedonian fighter Pavlos Melas.

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