SIGNED, 1954, Manolis Anagnostakis, I Synechia, 100 Copies, First Edition, Giorgos Themelis


Giorgοs Themelis (1900 – 1976) was a Greek poet, essayist and playwright.

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Μανώλης Αναγνωστάκης

Η Συνέχεια  – I Synechia

Manolis Anagnostakis

The Continuation


Privat print by the Author in Athens in 1954 in 100 Copies

Signed and Inscribed by the author to his friend and poet Giorgos Themelis

Unbound 16 Pages

21cm x 14,5 cm (approx. 8,4inch. x 5,75inch.)

First Rare Edition


Manolis Anagnostakis (1925/2005) was a Greek poet and critic at the forefront of the Marxist and existentialist poetry movements arising during and after the Greek Civil War in the late 1940s. Anagnostakis was a leader figure among his contemporaries and influenced the generation of poets immediately after him. His poems have been honored in Greece’s national awards and arranged and sung by contemporary musicians. In spite of his accomplishments, Philip Ramp notes that Anagnostakis is the least known, to an English speaking audience, of the major Greek poets of his generation.




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