SIGNED, Only 100 Copies, Comic, PANRAY by Raymond Sohn and Panayiotis Terzis


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by Raymond Sohn and Panayiotis Terzis
Portrait of Ray by Tomori Fujimaru
Printed in USA in 2007
by Raymond Sohn and Panagiotis Terzis
Printed in 100 Copies
Signed by Both (Terzis and Sohn)
Here Copy Nr.: 52
Original Soft Binding
First Edition
Condition Like New
37cm x 27cm (approx. 14,5inch. x 10m75inch.)
PANRAY by Raymond Sohn and Panayiotis Terzis. It is a remarkable, mountain-climbing achievement in terms of drawing, color, printing, and presentation. Like some spectral black-and-white silent movie that is interrupted by searing color patterns and abstractions, the book goes in and out of focus, organically and structurally. It’s beautiful. How do I even begin to describe it? And that’s what I want to get at or at least try to approach: a new way in which to discuss the purely visual elements of comics. There’s often too much emphasis on reading a comic like a novel when really it should be discussed like a painting or a sculpture. Far from dismissing these “out there” comics in my original post, I found myself simply hoping to discuss them and appreciate them better, and to do that I think a broader approach has to be encouraged, towards a less conservative definition of comics.

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