SIGNED, Paris Kelaidis, Cretan Volunteers in the Wars of Liberation 1912-13, First Edition, Balkan Wars


The participation of Greece in the Balkan Wars of 1912–1913 is one of the most important episodes in modern Greek history, as it allowed the Greek state to almost double its size and achieve most of its present territorial size. It also served as a catalyst of political developments, as it brought to prominence two personalities, whose relationship would dominate the next decade and have long-lasting repercussions for Greece: the Prime Minister Eleftherios Venizelos, and the Army’s commander-in-chief, the Crown Prince and later King, Constantine I.


Πάρι Κελαίδη

Κρητικοί Εθελοντές στους Απελευθερωτικούς Πολέμους 1912/13

Kritiki Ethelontes stous Αpeleftherotikous Polemous 1912/13


Paris Kelaidis

Cretan Volunteers in the Wars of Liberation 1912-13


Published by Karavi kai Toxo in Athens in 1995

Signed and Inscribed by the Author

Original Soft Binding

Pages 295

With many Illustrations and Photos of the Cretan Volunteers during the Balkan Wars

24cm x 17cm (approx. 9,5inch. x 6,8inch.)

First Edition

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