Very Rare, 1832, Nerses V. Ashtarakezi, Church History old and new, First Edition, Armenia


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Nerses V. Ashtarakezi 

Church History Old and New

Published by United Armenian Seminary in Moscow in 1832

Contemporary  Half Leather Binding

8vo, Pages 104

First Edition

Language: Armenian

Nerses V. Ashtarakezi (born February 13, 1770 in Ashtarak, Yerevan Khanate as Toros Harutjuni Shahasisyan; † February 13, 1857 in Tbilisi, Russian Empire) was a Catholicos in Etchmiadzin of the Armenian Apostolic Church from 1843 to 1857.

Toros Harutjuni Shahasisyan came from a distinguished family. He received his training as a monk of Nerses in Etchmiadzin and in Constantinople. In 1808 he became a member of the Synod and in 1814 Armenian Archbishop of Georgia in what was then Russian Tbilisi. During the Russo-Persian War of 1826, he administered the Catholicate in Etchmiadzin, which, which he actively welcomed, fell to Russia in 1827. Because of his participation in Armenian autonomy efforts, he was appointed archbishop of distant Nakhichevan on the Don (Bessarabia) in 1828. After the death of Catholicos John VIII († March 7, 1842), the spiritual and secular members of the electoral convention unanimously elected him in absentia on April 17, 1843 as Patriarch and Catholicos of the Armenian Church. The Russian Tsar confirmed his election so that he could take the cathedral.

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