1699, THEOCRITUS, Theokritou ta Evriskomena, Idyllion, Theocriti quæ extant cum graecis scholiis notis et indicibus, First Oxford Edition


Theocritus (Θεόκριτος, c. 300 BC – after 260 BC) was a Greek poet from Sicily, Magna Graecia, and the creator of Ancient Greek pastoral poetry. His Idylls are still widely read today, much in part to fine 17th-century examples such as this 1699 Oxford printing. This particular edition is considerably noteworthy it features both Latin and original Greek texts.



Θεοκρίτου τα Ευρισκόμενα

Theokritou ta Evriskomena





quæ extant cum graecis scholiis notis et indicibus

Josephi Scaligieri, Isaaci Casauboni, et Danielis Heinsii

Emendationes, Notae & Lectiones in Theocriti Idyllia


Oxoniae e Theatro Sheldoniano, impensis Sam. Smith, & Benj. Walford, 1699


Size: 20,5 cm x 13.5cm (8.25in X 5.25in)

pp. 14+254+183

First Oxford Edition

Contemporary Leather Binding

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