1819, KALAGANIS GRIGORIOS, 3 Volumes(complete), PRINTED IN VIENNA, First Edition


On the recommendation of the Patriarchate his translation of the Old and New Scriptures was introduced to the Greek schools of Europe….Extremely Scarce!!


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Ιστορία της Παλαιάς Γραφής :

Eίς χρήσιν της Ελληνικής Νεολαίας

μεταφρασθείσα εκ του Γερμανικού είς την ημετέραν καθομιλουμένην γλώσσαν

παρά Γρηγορίου Καλαγάννη Ιεροδιακόνου του εκ της Αγιάσου της Μυτιλήνης

Οι τόμοι II + III έχουν εκδοθεί με τον τίτλο Ιστορία της Νέας Γραφής


Grigorios Kalaganis

Istoria tis Palaias Grafis – History of the Old Scriptures 

Eis  Chrisin thw Ellinikis Neoleas – to be used by the Greek Youth

Printed in 1819 Vol. I, 1821 Vol II+III,  in Vienna by D, Davidovikis

20cm x 13 cm

Volume I  was given the title History of the Old Scriptures

Part of the work consists of the translation of Biblische Geschichte für die Jugend” by J. ch. von Schmid

Volume II an III have been published under the title History of the New Scriptures

Volume I: ις + 423 + 24

Volume II: 6 + 383

Volume III: 8 + 340


Grigorios Kalaganis (Γρηγόριος Καλαγάνης, c. 1790 – 1865) was  a cleric and teacher of Byzantine music. He was born in Mytilini and in 1816 he went to Vienna where he worked as a vicar and teacher.  In 1830 he was sent to serve as an archimandrite in the Greek orthodox church of Munich. In 1832 he taught Greek to King Otto of Greece and in 1838 he returned to Greece. He was the director of the Rizarios Ecclesiastical School from 1850 to 1852 and to this school he bequeathed all his property.

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