1878, Universal Exhibition of Paris, Original Descriptive Catalog, Mining and Metallurgy, First Edition


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Exposition Universelle de Paris 1878


Catalogue Descriptif des produits de l’exploitation des

Mines et de la Metallurgie


Universal Exhibition of Paris 1878


Descriptive Catalog of Exploitation Products

Mining and Metallurgy

Published by Impremerie de l’independance Hellenique, Athens in 1878

Original Paper Wraps with signs of age and use

26 + 2 Pages

First Edition


Compared with the involvement of the Greek state in the previous Universal Exhibitions, the participation of the country in the 1878 Fair was particularly rich regarding exhibits. While, at the fair of 1851 in London, Greece was represented by less than two score exhibitors, more than 530 attended the Paris event. As a result, the total floor space allotted to Greece by the organizers was 1245 square meters, around seven times the surface the country was given in London. For the sake of comparison, let us recall that Russia was represented in Paris by 1179 exhibitors, and she was allotted 6308 square meters. Rich in exhibits, the Greek participation was carefully prepared as well. Several reports, all written in French, were, in fact, produced before the event. Alexandros Mansolas signed a lengthy document entitled “Greece in the 1878 Universal Exhibition in Paris” while Andreas Kordellas, a mining engineer who had studied in Germany, produced a report on the geology and the mineralogy of the country.

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