RARE! 1950s, Greek Book, JOSEPH STALIN, The Rebel – The Governor – The Marshal


Stalin’s biography was long obscured by a mendacious Soviet-propagated “legend” exaggerating his prowess as a heroic Bolshevik boy-conspirator and faithful follower of Lenin, the founder of the Soviet Union. In his prime, Stalin was hailed as a universal genius, as a “shining sun,” or “the staff of life,” and also as a “great teacher and friend” (especially of those communities he most savagely persecuted); once he was even publicly invoked as “Our Father” by a metropolitan of the Russian Orthodox Church. Achieving wide visual promotion through busts, statues, and icons of himself, the dictator became the object of a fanatical cult that, in private, he probably regarded with cynicism.

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Ο Επαναστάτης – Ο Κυβερνήτης – Ο Στρατάρχης

O Epanastatis – O Kyvernitis – O Stratarchis



The Rebel – The Governor – The Marshal


Book rendering by T. M.

Published by Parthenon in Athens in the early 50’s

Pages 24

1st Greek Edition

Original Paper Binding

20cm x 14cm (approx. 8inch. x 5,5inch.)



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