1944, Greek Marxist Propaganda Booklet, Pyotr Kropotkin, To the Youth, Pros tous Neous


[…] Peasants who work for others and eat the dogs to leave the wheat to the boss, we are millions of souls; we are so many that we alone constitute the multitude of the people. Workers who weave silks and velvets, so that we can clothe ourselves in rags, we are a multitude, and when the whistles of the factories give us a moment’s rest, we flood the streets and squares like a raging sea. Soldiers, who crawl like sheep, who accept the bullets so that others can hang crosses and plumes, we unfortunate lame ones, who have learned nothing but to shoot our brothers, it is only enough to make a change, to pale those few decorated ones who they command us. All of us who suffer are a vast multitude that no one can count. We are like an ocean that can cover everything. We lack the will, when we get the will a moment will be enough to deliver justice… . (excerpt from the book)

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Μαρξιστική Βιβλιοθήκη
Προς τους ΝέουςPros tous Neous

Marxist Library
To the Youth

Published by Mari & Korotzi in Athens in 1944

Booklet with original Paper Wraps

Pages 32

15,5cm x 11,5cm (approx. 6,2inch. x 4,5inch.)

Rare found in Commerce for Sale!

Pyotr Alexeyevich Kropotkin (1842 – 1921) was a Russian anarchist and geographer known as a proponent of anarchist communism.

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