1950, Samuil Georgios A., I Epopiia tou Makrygianni, The Battle of Makrygiannis, Hellenic Royal Gendarmery, First Edition


The Hellenic Gendarmerie (Elliniki Chorofylaki) was the national gendarmerie and military police force of Greece until 1951.

The Athenian district Makrygianni is named after Ioannis Makrygiannis, Greek general of the Greek War of Independence, who used to own a house and fields in the area. Opposite the house of Ioannis Makrygiannis a military hospital was built – known as Weiler Building after the architect who designed it. This building was later used as gendarmerie headquarters and a violent battle took place there during the December Events (Dekemvriana), in 1944.

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ΣΑΜΟΥΗΛ ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΥ Α. (Υποστρατήγου)

Η εποποιϊα του Μακρυγιάννη 

Η θρυλική αντίστασις του ηρωϊκού Συντάγματος Χωροφυλακής Αθηνών, που έσωσε την τιμήν και την ανeξαρτησίαν της Ελλάδος τον Δεκέμβριον του 1944


SAMUIL GEORGIOS A. (Lieutenant General)

The Epopee of Makrygiannis

The Legendary Resistance of the Heroic Athens Gendarmerie Regiment, which Saved the Honor and Independence of Greece in December 1944.

Published in Athens in 1950

Original Paper Binding

First Edition

8vo, 21cm x 14cm (approx. 8,3inch. x 5,5inch.)

Pages 180 + 1 Full Page Photo + 1 Map


Georgios Samuil (1894 – 1965) was a lieutenant general of the Hellenic Royal Gendarmerie, of which he was the leader from June 1950 to November 1952. In 1944, during the Decembers, he distinguished himself as the commander of the Athens Gendarmerie Regiment – Makrygiannis in the battle against ELAS (left wing resistance).


The Battle of Makrygiannis was a conflict between ELAS (left wing resistance) and the Gendarmerie supported by the British forces, which began on December 6 and culminated into the so called December Events (Dekemvriana).

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