1945, Georgi Dimitrov, Greek Bulgarian Relations, Speech in Sofia 1945, First Edition


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Γιώργη Δημητρώφ

Εμπρός Για την Παλλαική Νίκη ενάντια στην αντίδραση και τους καλοθελητές της Νέας Βουλγαρίας

Embros yia tin Pallaiki Niki enantia stin Antidrasi ke tous Kalothelites tis Neas Boulgarias

Λόγος που εκφωνήθηκε στις 15 του Νοέμβρη 1945 στην πανλαική συγκέντρωση της Σόφιας


Georgi Dimitrov

Onward to the Popular Victory against the Reaction and the Well-Wishers of New Bulgaria

Speech delivered on November 15, 1945 at the popular gathering in Sofia


Published by Rizospastis in Athens in 1945-46

Booklet with original paper wraps

31 pages

First Edition

21cm x 15,5cm (approx. 8,25inch. x 6,2inch.)

Georgi Dimitrov Mihaylov also known as Georgiy Mihaylovich Dimitrov (1882 – 1949), was a Bulgarian communist politician who served as General Secretary of the Bulgarian Communist Party from 1946 to 1949. From 1935 to 1943, he was the General Secretary of the Communist International.

Rizospastis (Greek: Ριζοσπάστης, The Radical) is the official newspaper and publishing house of the Communist Party of Greece. It has been published daily since its first issue in 1916. Liana Kanelli is currently one of the senior editors of the newspaper.

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