1990, Dinos Christianopoulos, I Programmatismeni sto Chamo, The Holocaust of Greek Jews of Thessaloniki, 1000 Copies, First Edition


Konstantinos Dimitriadis (1931 – 2020), better known by his pen name Dinos Christianopoulos, was a Greek contemporary and post-war poet, novelist, folklorist, and scholar. He was also a music scholar who wrote about rebetiko. As Christianopoulos, he is widely known for writing the couplet: “They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.”


Ντίνος Χριστιανόπουλος

Οι Προγραμματισμένοι στο Χαμό –  I Programmatismenoi sto Chamo

Ποιήματα Θεσσαλονικέων Ποιητών για την Καταστροφή των Εβραίων της Θεσ/νίκης


Dinos Christianopoulos

Thοse Programmed to Death

Poems of Salonican Poets on the Holocaust of the Greek Jews of Thessaloniki


Published by Diagonios in Thessaloniki in 1990 in 1000 Copies

Original Paper Binding

Uncut Copy

First Edition


During World War II, Greece was occupied by Nazi Germany and its allies. In 1941, the Axis Powers started systematically persecuting the Salonican Jews. In 1943, the Salonican Jews were forced into a ghetto near the rail lines, and deportations began to the concentration camps and labor camps. The majority of the 60,000 deported died. This resulted in the near-extermination of the community. Only 1,200 Jews live in the city today.

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