1858, CALCULUS BOOK for Officers of the Military School Evelpidon, Greece, Greek Army


Michael Sofianos (1811 – July 24, 1887) was a Greek military officer. He was born in Constantinople in July 1811 and was one of the first students of the School of Artillery in 1831. He graduated with the rank of second lieutenant and was assigned to the Artillery. He served forty-four years and was promoted to the rank of major general.


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Μαθήματα διαφορικού και Ολοκληρωτικού Λογισμού

Ερανισθέντα υπό του αντισυνταγματάρχη του Πυροβολικού Μιχαήλ Σοφιανού

Αρχαίου Μαθητού της Στρατιωτικής Των Ευελπίδων Σχολής, νυν δε Καθηγητού εν τη Σχολή αυτή

Προς χρήσιν των μαθητών αυτού


Differential and Integral Calculus courses

By Artillery Lt. Col. Michael Sofianos

Former Student of the Military Academy of Evelpidon, and currently a Professor at this School.

For the use of his students.

Published in Athens by Printing House K. Antoniadou in 1858

Contemporary Half Leather Binding

Pages 400 Pages + 3 Multi Folded Tables at the end of the book

One Table has a tear approx. 4cm

First Edition

21,5cm x 13,5cm (approx. 8,75inch. x 5,5inch.)


The Hellenic Army Academy, commonly known as the Evelpidon, is a military academy. It is the Officer cadet school of the Greek Army and the oldest third-level educational institution in Greece. It was founded in 1828 in Nafplio by Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first governor of the modern Greek state.


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