UNIQUE! 1836, Trieste, Funeral Speech for Konstantinos Koumas, Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Nicholas



The Greek Orthodox Church of San Nicolò dei Greci, Trieste, Italy, is a historical Greek Orthodox Church built in 1784-1787 and redesigned by architect Matteo Pertsch. The building is also known as the Greek Orthodox Church of San Nicholas and Most Holy Trinity. The iconostasis was painted by Spyridon Sperantzas


Λόγος επικήδειος εις τον Σοφώτατον Κ. Μ. Κουμαν τον Λαρισσαίον

Logos Εpikidios is ton Sophotaton K.M. Kouman ton Larissaion

συνταχθείς αυτοσχεδίως και εκφωνηθείς εν Τεργέστη την 1 Μαιου 1836, εις την ιεραν εκκλησία του Αγίου Νικολάου

της Ελληνικής Κοινότητος παρά Υπατιου Αυγερινού


Funeral speech for the Wise Mr. K. M. Kouma from Larissa

Composed and delivered in Trieste on May 1, 1836, in the Holy Church of Agios Nikolaos of the Hellenic Community

by Υpatiοs Augerinos

Printed in Trieste in 1836

Pages 12


17cm x 11,5cm


According to this funeral speech Konstantinos M. Koumas died on the 1st of May 1836 and not on the 13th of May as stated in Wikipedia.



First Edition


Konstantinos M. Koumas (Larissa, 26 September 1777 – Trieste, 13 May 1836) was a Greek Teacher of the Nation, a pioneer of the Modern Greek Enlightenment, a historian, philosopher and translator of literary works.

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