1828, Neophytos Vamvas, Syntaktikon tis Archaias Ellinikis Glossis, Ancient Greek Language, CORFU Printing, First Edition


Being a representative of the Greek Enlightenment Vamvas was one of the most influential figures of modern Greek education and therefore he is considered as one of the most important Teachers of the Greek Nation.

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Συντακτικόν της Αρχαίας Ελληνικής Γλώσσης

Syntaktikon tis Archaias Ellinikis Glossis

υπό Νεοφύτου Βάμβα

Εν Κερκύρα εκ της Τυπογραφίας της Διοικήσεως – 1828

Neophytos Vamvas 

Syntax of the Ancient Greek Language 

Corfu, Administration Printing office, 1828

First rare Edition
Pages 4 + 414 20cm x 13,5cm (5,5inch. x 8inch. approx.)


Neophytos Vamvas ( Greek: Νεόφυτος Βάμβας; 1770 – 1856) was a cleric, philosopher, philologist, author, professor, and dean. He had the conviction that the Bible should be translated into modern Greek in order to become property of the people. After having translated it, Vamvas faced fierce conflicts and disagreement, the so called Neophytos Incident, that ultimately did not allow his effort to be established.

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